More and more consumers are using innovative health services, and they use e-health offers on their computers and their mobile end devices. Be it as a fitness tool or for reading your vital data: today's patients use digital tools and the opportunities resulting from this for evaluation and documentation more and more to control their well-being and their health. In this, using state-of-the-art tools is an important and future-oriented part of the treatment patients receive.

In order for them to remain relevant in future for patients, doctors, healthcare providers, pharma companies, and manufacturers of medical products must respond to this demand by adjusting to solutions for computers, smartphones, tablets, apps...

mediaspects specialises in the qualified and high-level development of medical software, especially in the area of diabetes mellitus.

Being the European leader in terms of suppliers of diabetes-management software, with the capability to hook up blood-sugar measuring devices from any supplier in the world, we have extensive experience and knowledge of the market. In addition to this, we are your qualified partner in the implementation of your individual application software.

Our services:

  •  Advice for the development of software, provided by experienced and certified partners in the medical field.
  •  Target-group oriented product consulting: optimisation for the special target group “diabetics”

Advice on tools already available, the product situation, and market requirements.