DIABASS® is the market-leading software for diabetes data management in Europe.

DIABASS® PRO allows you to read and evaluate the data from all the common blood-sugar measuring devices and insulin pumps from a range of different producers. This is not the end of it: data can also be transmitted by means of countless apps, from insulin pens, pedometers or scales.

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • more than 100,000 users, several thousands of doctors, specialised practises, and clinics
  • more than 1,000,000 registered patients
  • more than 1,000,000,000 registered blood-sugar readings


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Supported devices/Compatibility list - EN

Dispositifs pris en charge/Liste de compatibilité - FR

Dispositivi supportati/elenco di compatibilità - IT

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Data protection - EN - FR - IT - NL - CZ


Doctors looking for a straightforward, absolutely easy-to-use software for evaluating blood-sugar readings can find the perfect solution in med-import: it only takes a few clicks to import the data from all the common measuring devices and to have this data saved in PDF format. This data can even be transmitted automatically to your practice computer by means of a BDT / GDT interface.

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Providers of blood-sugar measuring systems provide free software for data management from time to time. However, these programmes are limited to the producer in question only. glucobridge connects all the common blood-sugar measuring devices on the market: this means that the software that the doctor tends to use can also be used with measuring systems not native to this software.

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