mediaspects GmbH

mediaspects GmbH is the European leader in software solutions and online service for diabetics, and we are seen as a pioneer in computer-aided diabetes management.
We have been developing innovative data-transmission solutions for medical devices, such as measuring devices for blood sugar, blood pressure, insulin pumps, and pedometers for 20 years.

Our diabetes documentation software DIABASS®, which has won several awards, is used by well over one hundred thousand diabetics as well as several thousands of doctors and clinics for the purpose of reading and evaluating blood-sugar values. Our telemedicine solution gluconet® allows for hassle-free transmission of data from all common blood-sugar measuring devices from the patient to the doctor.

The mediaspects-run was founded as early as 1996 - it was then one of the first internet portals on the issue of diabetes. The diabetes-forum is independent of any manufacturer or pharmaceutical company, and it is among one of the most frequently visited German-language online spaces on diabetes. 

The community is the largest virtual self-help group for people suffering from diabetes. It allows those suffering from diabetes to make contact easily and to exchange information anonymously. Both online services are available free of charge for diabetics.