DIABASS® SecureSend

DIABASS® SecureSend - Data Reception from Measuring Devices and Diabetes Apps

Whether for bridging longer distances between patient and diabetologist or for close monitoring during pregnancy or for new appointments: the use of telemedicine can also be very helpful in the field of diabetes.

DIABASS® PRO has built-in program features that enable simple, secure and uncomplicated data transmission from the patient to the doctor.

DIABASS® SecureSend –  secure and convenient data reception

DIABASS® allows easy data reception from measurement systems and diabetes apps without the disadvantages of a cloud solution. he data is encrypted on the patient's computer or smartphone according to the highest standards and then sent to the recipient by e-mail. There the data is automatically decrypted and transferred to the DIABASS® software. The "end-to-end" encryption ensures that no third party has access to the data.


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